What is VOLO?

VOLO – it is always nice gifts!



VOLO – is a mobile service for gifts and presents. With the help of this application you will be able to tell what you would like to receive as a gift for your celebration or vice versa what you should not be given. Also you will know what presents make your friends happy, and you will be able to buy them useful gift just in one click! So your gifts are always desirable! Read more...

Project was named «VOLO»; the translation from Latin is "I WANT". The word "want" clearly describes all sections of the project and it is the major designation of a desired gift. The Latin language was chosen on purpose, as it is more or less used worldwide, that allows us not to focus on the country of the project but to make it international.


About the project:


Any celebration is associated with thoughts about what to present to the “hero of the occasion". Then, there is a problem of finding and buying what you think he/she would like as a gift. And sometimes we even understand that this gift is a simple token, and such gifts tend to be useless things. It is nicer when your gift is useful and important! Imagine that your gifts will always fall into the "target"! And you will never present unnecessary things!


Mobile application VOLO will help you in all these!

VOLO tells your friends and family what gifts you want at any celebration, whether it is a Birthday, New Year or Christmas, Wedding or the birth of a child! Guests always will give really useful gifts and they will not be puzzled with its’ finding and choosing! After all, they can buy it directly through the application!

And you can easily buy gifts to any people’s celebration and you can do it literally on the run! Without distraction from your business! You will be perfectly sure that the chosen gift will be enjoyable and rewarding!
You will make your family and friends happier and you will give them the most unforgettable feeling from their childhood when a teddy bear or a machine was the most desired gift. We offer VOLO - Companion searching for relevant gifts.

VOLO also reminds you in advance about upcoming celebrations of your close friends, so the finding and buying the gift will not catch you off guard. On the Birthday eve you can always congratulate “hero of the occasion" at the "Celebration Forum" in the application. And you will find out who is coming on a party before the meeting with the help of this Forum, and you will be accompanied with a positive mood all day!

VOLO helps you to change unnecessary gifts or unused items with other members. The function "I Feel Lucky" will rate your preferences and offer you new products or products with a unique request!

About categories of gifts:

Unwanted – in this section you show what gifts you do not want to receive.
Simple – gifts at prices ranging from $0 to $100.
Mid-Range – gifts at prices ranging from $100 to $500.
Expensive – gifts at prices starting from $500 and above.
Add Your Category – in this section you will be able to inform about common events or your personal events. For example, weddings, newborn babies, housewarming parties, etc. Such events are quite rare and gifts can be very different from those that you selected for your birthday or Christmas.



List of gifts
Make your own list of desirable and unwanted gifts and look through your friends’ lists.
Good bargains
Buy gifts which your friends want to have not leaving the application, just in a click.
Create your own gift
Choose what you want to have from the catalog or create your own presents.
Is your closet full of unwanted things?
Exchange your unwanted things with your friends or other users.
You will never forget about the celebration day of your close friends.
“I Feel Lucky”
According to your desires we offer you new and rare things.


Gift gallery

What would you choose as a present?




Perspectives of the project.

Giving presents just got easier!





The idea of creating a gift service mobile application appeared in late 2012, at the peak of the gifts’ boom. The end of the year for all people (whether you a student or a chief of a company) is associated with an increase of studies and work, and also you have to run around the shops and search for Christmas and New Year gifts. And for many people pre-Christmas time is also connected with the Birthdays of family and friends! Read more...

This question arises every year – what is better to spend time on work with studies or to go shopping and look for the gifts? Both variants are very important! Then we choose, and more often we sacrifice our time to buy gifts, we arrive at the store and it turns out that we do not know what to buy family, friends and acquaintances for this year. The fact is that we presented all the interesting and useful things long time ago - in the past years, and now we stop our choices on souvenirs and unnecessary things due to frustration and fatigue! We think that the main thing of course is to show our attention. But when you get this attention yourself, you think that is not so important in your clogged closet and it is better to get just a postcard with pleasant words!

During the year you often have a thought that it would be nice to have this or that thing, but it is not always possible to buy it yourself – do not want to spend money on it or too lazy to do it. But to get it as a present would be just right. Unfortunately, to tell others about this thing is awkward. From all this arises the idea that if we knew what kind of things or services our close friends want, that would be much easier to choose and give presents, especially in our dynamic time.




In the full version of application you can:

  • Tell what you want and see what your friends want.
  • Choose what you want from a convenient catalog of gifts, or make your own gift if it is not there yet.
  • You will never forget about the great day of your close people and friends, «VOLO» will remind you in three days about the upcoming event and it will not be a surprise for you to buy a gift.
  • Create a "Celebration Forum" in advance of the party day, and positive mood cover all friends before the meeting!
  • Buy gifts that your friends wish, without leaving the application, just in a click!
  • And if your closet is full of unnecessary things - you can exchange them to all the items that you need!
  • And finally, we will create a useful function for everyone - "I Feel Lucky ", click on this button and the program will evaluate your preferences and basic desires, and offer you new items and rare products that have just appeared on the market with an interesting proposal of the price! And you can add them to your wish list or just buy them yourself!



Our team

We glad to see you in our midst!


Project «VOLO» was created and developed by the team of people from different areas, social activities, mathematics, design and programming.


Inspirer and leader

Denis Rulev

Technical Manager

Igor Vakula


The «VOLO»’s team invites investors to join and implement this project, and we will be glad to see any person or company, who is interested in our project, in our groups in social networks, as well as you can contact us personally, all the contacts below. Read more...

In the process...



We are always open to new partners.


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